A Note to Parents

If your son or daughter has expressed an interest in attending the Orlando Project, you may have several questions. This page is meant to provide some basic answers. If possible, I encourage you to attend your campus' parent information meeting for more specific information.

Feel free to contact any of our staff if you have further questions.

You may also download this flyer for some quick facts including information and policies about the Project: Right-click here and select "Save Link As..." (Firefox) or "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer).

What is unique about the Orlando Project?

1. Your child will have the opportunity to move to another city for the summer and work a full-time job with one of the world's best companies.

2. Your child will be challenged to grow in all areas of life and character. They will be with 80-100 other college students who are seeking to live a Christ-centered life.

3. Your child will build Biblical convictions that will affect their relationship with God and others for the rest of their lives. They will be trained in Bible study and relational evangelism.

4. Your child will meet and work with people from all over the world, which will be an invaluable experience.

"And Jesus said to them, 'Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.'"

Mark 1:17

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What plans have you made to keep them safe?

The Campus Outreach staff take the safety of your son or daughter seriously. We have several policies designed to ensure the safety of your child. They are listed in the informational packet available at the top of the screen. More information will be available at the parent informational meeting.

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How can I contact them?

The mailing address & phone of the hotel are:

Days Inn at the Main Gate of Universal Studios
5827 Caravan Court
Orlando, FL 32819

Parents' Weekend is June 20-22. We have set aside the weekend for you to visit the project and spend time with your child. You are welcome to visit anytime, but this weekend their schedule will be freed up to spend with you.

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How can I help?

First and most importantly, you can pray for them.

We thank you for your commitment to your child. We believe that the Bible is clear that your child is to honor his or her parents. We do require all students to have their parents sign a parental permission form to attend the Orlando Project.

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